King of kings

For 2000 years since the time of Christ and millennia before, 100s of kings having unimaginable power and wealth have ruled the kingdoms of the world. Many of them did not honor or fear the true King, Jesus. But some did! Mosaics and paintings depict this showing some of the most powerful of all time bringing gifts and bowing before him.

Over one entrance of the magnificent cathedral/mosque but now museum, the Hagia Sophia, is a picture of baby Jesus and mother made of thousands of tiny tiles. On their right is the powerful Emperor Constantine presenting them with a model of the imperial city of Constantinople (Istanbul) and on their left is the famous emperor Justinian giving them a model of the Hagia Sophia which he was responsible for building. Another mosaic over the main door of Hagia Sophia shows the emperor Leo bowing and worshipping at the feet of Jesus. Others show emperors and empresses bringing precious gifts. I know that in some cases the mosaics were created after the emperor’s death, but they represent a great truth.

As I think about these rulers who themselves had seemingly unlimited power and authority in their world, humbling themselves before and offering precious gifts to Jesus I am reminded of His awesome majesty. I am reminded of titles in scripture used to describe him, even as a child: Immanuel, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Savior, Christ and Lord. I am reminded of the shepherds who glorified and praised God, the great company of angels that sang at his arrival, and the Magi who traveled far at great risk with their treasures bowing and worshiping the baby Jesus. They were indeed wise men falling in awe at the feet of Jesus.

The child we honor this season is truly worthy and deserving of all we have to give. Some of history’s most powerful rulers have understood this. Jesus is the true King of kings and Lord of lords who deserves and demands our all, even our very lives.

Christmas is a time of giving and reflection. Have I truly humbled myself before the one and only true King? And how much of my life have I truly committed to him?

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