I Was Born This Way

No, I haven’t gone “Gaga”. I was born this way …

I was and there’s no denying it. Ever since I was a kid I knew there was something different about me. I LOVED going to church. I liked helping people. I tolerated late night ministry meetings. My life was filled with these “peculiar” patterns and behaviors. Then I began to notice that my school friends didn’t do the same things I did. I started feeling like an outcast, a loser. Everything I was doing was so “weird” and all I wanted was to be cool and have some friends. But soon the friends were few and the loneliness was great.

For the longest time I was ashamed. I wished to disappear when I heard people mumble, “Uh oh, here comes the preacher’s kid.” Because I was always humming and be-bopping, I was given the title “choir boy”, and I hated it. But because of my life, it came with the territory. Even though I was a minister’s kid, I was not perfect. But why couldn’t they see this? I could do mischievous things. I could be a troublemaker and a class clown! And a class clown I was. I did things that were so dumb that I won’t even mention them, in part because my Mom reads this blog. The truth is, I started acting like someone else to cover my shame of being “different”. I was a “choir boy” at church and a “clown” at school. I wanted to fit in so bad. But why did I deny who I truly was?

To be liked

I had such a desire to be apart of the “in” crowd that I abandoned my true self to become a chameleon. I wanted to be admired and adored. The problem is I didn’t realize SOMEONE already felt that way about me. God made me and shaped me. I was wonderfully made. But I didn’t have the eyes to see. I couldn’t understand how much love He had for me. I could not absorb that He loved me for me. But now I know!

God told us that we are just strangers here on earth. So, wouldn’t strangers act strange? It’s strange to forgive when others hold grudges. It’s strange to utter blessings when others choose to curse. It’s strange to love when others hate. But that’s exactly the type of “strange” we are most in need of.

I am growing into the person he envisioned me to be. I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way. I love that people know I believe in Him. I’m glad to sing praises to His name. I want people to know I am one of the millions of “strange”, “weird”, “peculiar” Christ followers. I am no longer ashamed to be identified as His. I am His and He is mine. The love that we share is beyond belief, but that is just what it takes.


The fact is we are all on a journey. All of us are traveling at different speeds and coming from different directions but faith is the path that leads us home. At home you are always loved and appreciated for who you are. There is no need to put on a mask or become someone different. Our Father welcomes us all in and sends us all out into His world to share His love. That’s why I was made … that’s why you were made.

We were all born in our own special way with our unique talents and gifts to bring glory to Him. When we are true to ourselves and to the life he designed for us, we point to the cross. We can be reminded of the love we know and extend that love to all who want to know Him.

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