After You Say “I Do”

This is my farewell blog. I write each word to my family at the Singing Oaks church with all the love in my heart. I pray that in these words you find encouragement and inspiration to do just as Leroy Garret would say to us, “keep soldiering on.” And with that said …

The spring and summer is wedding season. Even though the summer is half over, there are still so many weddings on the horizon. It got me to thinking… What do you do after you say, “I do”?

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Sermon Series – One Way

April 10, 2016 – “What’s The Point?”, Ross Thomson
April 17, 2016 – “Fearless”, Ross Thomson
April 24, 2016 – “Light That Overcomes Darkness”, Ross Thomson
May 1, 2016 – “Between Faith and Fear”, Beau Davis
May 8, 2016 – “Faith Looks Forward”, Ross Thomson
May 15, 2016 – “You Must Have Faith”, Ross Thomson
May 22, 2016 – “First Things First”, Beau Davis

Just Say, “Yes!”

God is calling. Are you listening? If you can hear his voice, just say, “yes “.

Far too often we are hesitant. Far too often we are afraid. But what are we really afraid of? Are things going to change? Yeah. Could things go differently than we imagine? Almost certainly. So why should we allow a little thing like, not being able to control the future, keep us from walking faithfully into it? The intended locomotion of a Christian life is walking by faith and not by sight.

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Tears No More

I’m at a stage of life where there are so many tears. Having three children under the age of six can be rough. If I can keep the oldest child from causing the middle child pain, likewise the middle child from causing the baby pain, I consider that a pretty successful day. Honestly, this tired papa could use a lot more pain-free days. But pain-free days are for robots, I am a human.

The beginning to 2016 has been pretty rough on the pain front. There are so many people in my life who are going through tremendous pain. There are mothers burying their sons, sons burying their mothers and sisters standing by the gravesides of their brothers. Pain is going around breaking many hearts. God, please be our remedy.

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The Quest

What must we do to become worshippers of God? At what point do we transition from learners who offer little more than emotional or intellectual assent, to become people who offer something more? We’ve all heard things that we agree with, good ideas that we believe are worth repeating. But after all the good ideas are thought and said, then said again, what comes next? Is it just more talking? What is needed most after all the talking is action.

While learning and the acquiring of knowledge are great goals, human beings are more than our brains. We were giving beating hearts, hands and feet for a reason. Maybe that reason is because we were designed for a journey. We were made for a quest.

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