The Cosmic Gift Exchange

Oh, the Holidays are upon us again and with the Christmas season in full swing there will be much partying and eating and drinking and fellowshipping. Last night I hit my 4th part of the season and Christmas is still a whole week away. I enjoy all the get-togethers and hanging with friends and loved ones but for many, the whole reason this Holiday season is worthwhile is because of the GIFT RECEIVING GIVING!


Who are we kidding? The season is certainly better because of the gifts; in fact, this season would not exist without the Gift. You have read and heard one of the Bible’s most famous passages at least a thousand times – “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” This passage is ultra-altruistic and it raises the bar of discipleship for us all. The challenge in this text calls us to be creators of joy and extols the noble ideal that by being a creator of joy in the lives of others, we are participating in a higher calling than by simply being a consumer. But even with that said, receiving is running a close second.

For many of us it is our natural inclination to get and get more and hope to get the most out of the season. But in this season of merriment how often are we taking this passage to heart? How often do we look to create a moment of joy for others? How often are we considering the needs of others and “esteeming others better than ourselves?”


The giving is better than the receiving but not for the obvious reasons. I believe that in all the teachings of Christ, He was not just preparing us for a home in heaven with Him nor was he just giving us an example of how to be better people on earth; rather, He was instructing and demonstrating for us how to live divinely in a fallen world. When we give I think that He is calling us to the highest calling. I believe that He wants to use us to transform this world we live in. When we allow Him to transform our thinking we can actualize His will on earth…like He designed it in Heaven.

I see God as the greatest giver ever! His Gift elevates gift-giving to a whole other level. He never handed out anything cheaply because only His most precious gifts will do. His plan has always been the best and maybe the best part of His plan is that we get to be apart of this Cosmic Gift Exchange. God has “demonstrated His love for us” by giving the very best of heaven and when we give the love of God to others, we become partners in this plan!

He gave us His Son. Do we offer His Son (alive in us) to others?

His ultimate will is to redeem us from our sinful, lustful, selfish selves and transform us into His likeness. His likeness is the Supreme Creator and Giver of All Good Things and especially the best thing, Jesus. His gift is not only for the “hereafter” but was designed for the Right Here, Right Now! His Gift is love. His Gift is peace. This Christmas, give the best Gift!

Peace and Blessings

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