First Day at Mahaha Village Tanzania

Before we left for the Mahaha Village in Tanzania, Kevin, our missionary host, prayed for us to have successful travels and that God be glorified through our work It was about a 2.5 hour journey that in some areas was very rough. Kevin was driving and on the way we picked up four men from the Water Committee. While driving down the road, we suddenly came to an abrupt stop and Kevin rescued a chameleon and brought it into the SUV. It roamed all over the vehicle throughout the day. On the way, Kevin told us the story about how the drilling of the Mahaha well came about. Representatives from the village health clinic went to their district government with the request for a water well. They were referred to the Church of Christ that was involved in drilling water wells. The nurse in the Mahaha Village is a member of the Church of Christ and her husband Daniel is the minister. They were not aware of the Church of Christ involvement with the wells. They asked Francis who is on the Water Committee and he was able to work with the local government officials to get approval for the well.

When we arrived at the Mahaha Village, we were greeted and introduced to other people in the village. I was extremely impressed how quickly John Paul Witt had picked up the Swahili language and was able to speak with the people of the village. The drilling team arrived shortly after we did. John Paul volunteered to help the drilling team with the preparation of the supplies needed to install the well. We gathered in the doctor’s home to drink hot tea and eat chapatis. We enjoyed a great time of fellowship and got to know one another. Then we walked to where the water well was waiting to be assembled. The installation of the well began with a number of the people of the village attending. It was very interesting how it was assembled and how all the parts fit together. Once the installation was completed and tested, people took turns pumping water from the well. It was amazing to see and experience everyone’s excitement to see water coming out of a well. A number of people spoke. The Drilling Team representative spoke on how it took three times to find the water, but that God had provided. Everyone was reminded that God provides and the water was for the whole village and not just the church. Kevin and Bob Bentley also spoke. At the conclusion of the dedication ceremony the well was turned over to the village.

After the dedication we enjoyed a great meal at the church. They village people celebrated by purchasing a cow and cooked it for the ceremony. There were several types of rice and potatoes. I was in awe on how much food there was. I definitely saw God working in everything that day and he was glorified. I was also amazed how excited and thankful the people were for the well and its water, something we take for granted in the United States. Already my faith has grown even stronger after seeing how God works in life and how all things are possible when we trust in him. God is so good.

P.S. If you are wondering what happened to the chameleon, it found the perfect resting spot in Michele Bentley’s hair where it remained until we got home over an hour later.

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