Things I See

Michele and I have been back in Denton for almost 2 months and are thankful for the way we have been received and welcomed. In this short time I have seen anew what God is doing among us. Here are some of the Things I See:

I see Christians working together for the cause of Christ. On our first Sunday back Trang Tran and family stood before the church and emotionally thanked God and the Singing Oaks family for the last 3 years. I wondered in amazement at the number of people in the greeting ministry, children’s ministry, young family’s Bible class, Tuesday ladies class, and probably others who had together touched their lives in such a powerful way.

I see change and growth. Recently several new members shared their feelings with me about our church. They say things like, “I have never been a part of a church like this before,” or “this church has changed so much in the last five years,” or “your church is more diverse and has grown so much,” and “your church really cares for the poor.” I believe their testimony is true. I praise God for what others are seeing in us.

I see a renewed interest in missions. The church has added two new mission efforts to Latin America and has interest in outreach to the Hispanic community in Denton. Leadership and members continue to support the work Michele and I do in Africa. And both young and old continue going on short-term mission trips and giving to help street children in Kenya.

I see hope. In a congregation the size of ours there is hurt, pain and broken relationships, which I have seen in the last few months. However, in these struggles I also know there is hope through people who care enough about their brothers and sisters to do something about it. So I see the hope of reconciliation and along with that, ministers of reconciliation at work within us.

I see young people being mentored, participating in the work of the church, and excited about serving God.

I see inter-generational activity in events like the ice cream freeze off where people of all ages were present. There was a kind of buzz and excitement of being together that I have not experienced in a long time. We need this. It‘s good for us and draws others to us.

I see God among us and look forward to seeing His activity more clearly as we move forward together.

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