Acts 4 God

Five years ago, my maroon 1997 Geo Prizm (nicknamed Granny), was on her last wheel. My Granny bought this little car for me two weeks before she began the next phase of her eternal life in September of 2000. This car protected me and so many other people during her long years of endurance treks from Abilene to San Antonio, San Antonio to New Mexico, Houston to Oklahoma, and back again. She sped along I-10, 610, 288, and I-45 every day. Every now and then she enjoyed the more leisurely drive on the Sam Houston Tollway. Her wheels knew every dip and crack in the roads in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th wards of Houston, TX. Her seat belts held little children, teenagers, interns, and adults safe as she carried them to their destinations. Her last summer was spent protecting two college interns as they courageously gave their time, energy, and love to 400 children at the Impact Houston Church of Christ. At the end of the summer of 2010, she was replaced by a little black 2006 Honda Civic. As Granny was loaded onto a tow truck to begin her journey either to a new owner or the junkyard, I cried. Tears streamed down my face as I remember this incredible gift. I used this gift beyond her years and ability, but she persevered to take me where I needed to go. The memories wrapped within her four doors are precious and strong.

The elders and ministry staff at the Impact Houston Church of Christ gave me the black Honda Civic. She doesn’t have a name, but she continued the work of her predecessor for two years bravely and much more smoothly than Granny. From time to time, she makes long treks to South Texas and Oklahoma for family and meetings. Monthly, she drives to Dallas for Children’s Ministry Meetings. Occasionally, she protects little children. She has a slower, less stressful life, but she still needs tune-ups and her oil changed.

Both of these cars have stood on their wheels the test of time and endurance. They were both gifts from family who trust me to share these cars to bless others. These two cars are not mine. They are ours. They belong to God. Granny and the black Honda Civic are tools provided by my faith community to continue participating in God’s heaven on earth. The radical nature of the gift of these cars will always amaze me, and they remind me of Acts 4:32-37. This is my Acts 4 story. What is your Acts 4 story? Share your Acts 4 story, and if you don’t have an Acts 4 story, it’s time for you to fully and radically act for someone else as we participate in the work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

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