Lord, Fill My Home with the Holy Spirit

A few months ago I was having coffee with a couple of minister friends. We were discussing the Holy Spirit, sharing amazing God stories, and dreaming of revival on our campuses and in this city. It was really encouraging stuff! But, late in the conversation I kind of sat back, detached, and got really quiet. I was having a God story of my own in that moment. It was a realization God was putting on my heart. God spoke to my heart saying,

“I need the Holy Spirit in my marriage.”

This realization was so convicting. I want so badly to see large-scale spiritual transformation and revival in our church, universities, city, nation, and world, BUT…. I need to start with my self and my wife. So I prayed for God to fill our marriage with the Holy Spirit. Then that very night Heather and I had a much needed deeply spiritual conversation and some heartfelt prayer time together with God. It was powerful.

A few months later, I was driving home from the CCC one evening. As I turned on the main road to Krum, God hit me with conviction again. (Out of nowhere I might add) The Holy Spirit put this realization on my heart saying,

“Every time I preach, teach a Bible class, do evangelism, or lead a Bible study I always pray and ask God to fill me with the Holy Spirit, to speak to me, and to speak through me, and also for the hearts of those I encounter. So, why am I not praying that same prayer every time I come home?”

Wow, what a convicting and humbling question! So I prayed that exact prayer as I continued my drive home. I’m honestly embarrassed that I was ten years into fatherhood before I started praying like this.

The result was amazing and I didn’t even have to try! At dinner that evening Maci, my oldest daughter, started talking about a book she was reading called “Heaven is For Real”. She brought up the topic and then the conversation remained on Heaven, spiritual truths, Jesus, and this lost world that needs Jesus for the rest of the night!

There were no threats of grounding and spanking at bedtime, or sibling fights or husband and wife arguments. There were only joy-filled, spiritual conversations and beautiful heartfelt bedtime prayers that particular evening. Maci even said that she could really feel the Holy Spirit that night. It was God giving me instant verification that prayers and the Holy Spirit make a world of difference in my day-to-day life. Also reminding me that it is in those day-to-day roles where I have my most important ministry responsibility and calling.

Let us all pray daily for the Holy Spirit to fill our homes, and that He speaks to us and through us every day.

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