My name is Ana!

One of the newer ministries that is becoming a massive blessing to our church and to the people the ministry serves is SOCC partnership with the Arms of Hope Family Outreach Center (AOH). AOH provides assistance, counseling and various levels of financial support to single moms coming out of some very difficult situations. AOH’s partnership with SOCC started in 2015 and has blessed many moms over these last 4 years. Below is the story of one of the moms and her family who are members here.

Growing up, I experienced neglect, poverty and abuse. Growing up I felt alone which has always been one of my biggest fears. Loneliness is a dark place where you feel emptiness and fear, without anyone there to turn to. As soon as I was of legal age I was thrown into the world with no armor to protect me from the battles that were ahead of me. With no choice, I dropped out of high school my senior year. Without the support from my family, and with motherhood four months away I began my life alone, rolling from place to place, hitting bumpy roads along the way and being physically and emotionally abused by my children’s father. I managed to live this “Life” for three years until one day, in February of 2016 I grabbed the diaper bag, a baby bottle, my phone, and I started walking, holding one kid with one hand, pushing a stroller with the other while heavy tears ran down my swollen cheeks, I walked… I walked for what seemed to be an eternity. I was alone but I kept walking without looking back.

That day a decision would change my whole life. It was what seemed to be the beginning of a new Journey. Months later I came across the Arms of Hope Family Outreach Center (AOH) at Singing Oaks Church of Christ. In October I was introduced to their program which provided me with counseling, spiritual comfort, and most importantly, a church family where my children and I felt safe. Not only that, but I had the opportunity to pursue an education. Within the first half of the year I became debt free and in charge of my finances. I also received my GED and was enrolled into college; I am half way through school to get my Associates of Arts and plan on Majoring in Accounting. My 2 kids will be able to grow up in a different environment than the one I was offered as a child. I now know what I didn’t know that lonely night; I am not alone, God will never leave my side and he puts people in our path for specific purposes…His purpose. I also applied and was hired by the church to work with the front office doing everything from Spanish to English translation, benevolence, administration, and encouraging others seeking to be blessed by SOCC and AOH. It has been an amazing blessing from God.

I can honestly say that I have come a long way this last year, and I am just warming up for what God has planned for me and my children. Arms of Hope has provided me with life skills, parenting skills, confidence and the tools to better myself as a mother, an employee, a student and just an individual overall. I was also able to use those tools to build a healthy relationship with my children’s father which allows us to co-parent and is also healthy for our children. I am extremely thankful for this loving and caring God-driven community that help serve his purpose. It is amazing talking with a person that is not related to me and feeling welcomed, feeling secure and loved; people who open not only their arms but also their hearts and give us a sign of hope for ourselves and for our children.

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