Holy Spirit

Ray Pritchard has written a book covering the Names of the Holy Spirit in Scripture. He writes that the Holy Spirit is referred to as (1) The Anointing, (2) Deposit, (3) Seal, (4) Spirit of the Living God, (5) Water, (6) Oil, (7) Fire, (8) Wind, (9) Servant, (10) Counselor and seventy six more.

The Holy Spirit is a much discussed part of the Word of God. But, to many of us it is a mystery. He is the hidden member of the Trinity. The Father we know, the Son we know, but what about the Holy Spirit? Many believers don’t understand who He is, why He came, or what He does in the world today. Fewer still understand the vital role He plays in our daily Christian life.

If we are to have peace, joy and victory as Christians, we need to better understand the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. There are not many proper names for the Spirit. Instead the writers use combinations of descriptive titles. Primary ones are listed in our opening paragraph. The first name occurs in Genesis 1:2 and the last in Revelations 19:10. So that work of the Holy Spirit spans the entire Bible – from creation to the crowning events of world history.

It would be impossible to explain every biblical reference to the Holy Spirit in this blog so I am encouraging you the study this subject. Brother Pritchard’s book is a good source for study.

The role of the Holy Spirit in our lives is monumental. We often don’t realize that we are being led by the Spirit. He helps us choose to do the right thing, encourage the downtrodden, give praise to the Lord for our salvation, and all the multitude of good things that a Christian practices in his daily walk with the Lord. We are indeed blessed.

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