The image on the cover of a magazine or newspaper has the power to cause riots and demonstrations. We have seen that happen recently, especially involving images critical of certain religions. Advertisers also know the impact an image can make. They will spend 4.5 million on a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl to get an image planted in our minds. The next thing you know we are buying their product or accepting their subliminal message. And all of us have images in our minds (both good and bad) going back years or decades. Some are very powerful, still affecting who we are and the decisions we make every day in varying degrees. The power of an image!!!!

One of the most powerful images in the history of the world was frequently seen by people in Roman times. It was a negative one, but one that Jesus took and changed into the most powerful image for good the world has ever known, the image of the cross. It is still an image of pain and suffering but also of victory, salvation and hope. Yes, there are other great images but none like this one. No one but God could have ever given us something like that. It is life changing!

That cross impacts another image as well, one that’s critically important to all of us, our self-image. I have heard it over and over in personal testimonies. People are ashamed of who they are, think of themselves as unworthy, and fear what others will think of them. They feel trapped and live their life wearing a mask.

The cross changes all of this. But God demonstrates his love for us in this: While we were still sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). His incredible love for us was demonstrated at the cross. And now when we entrust our lives to him, becoming sons and daughters of God we realize we are special. We are loved! Then, as Henri Nouwen teaches us, when you walk through life hearing the many voices trying to convince otherwise, there’s one voice we cling to, one that continually shouts into our hearts and minds above the rest that says, you are my beloved. If you believe and internalize this truth, your image will never be the same.

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