One Liners from the Past

Sometimes a short one liner grabs us and is personally considered notable. So we choose to save this impressionable thought by “taking notes.” Since these usually happen in Church or Bible Classes, I’ve written some of them down in the back of my Bible. Some examples:

“No one will care how much we know until they know how much we care”

“Righteousness is Jesus Christ”

“The occult should be denounced because if followed we are looking for the created to do what is the work of the creator’’

“Grace is God giving us something we do not deserve”

“The problem I face is not what God is willing to give—it is how little I am willing to receive”

“Man can’t save himself but he can condemn himself”

“Jesus would not use make believe stories to teach a point, so in Luke 16 there must be a rich man and Lazarus”

“Servant hood in Christ comes from love, not compulsiveness”

I’ve been going to church as a baptized believer for 63 years. There have been a lot of great one liners during that time period I haven’t diligently recorded. What may be considered notable at the time has a lot to do with what’s on our hearts at that time.

I’d imagine that many of you probably do this same thing. If not, I’d encourage you to start keeping permanent notes like these. To make it more memorable, I also included the person who was preaching or teaching at the time. It’s a great way to stop and remember the past and recall old friends who had just the word you might have needed to hear on that particular day in your life.

Time really does fly. I am glad the Lord helps us remember, and be grateful of the good things that make up our past. It would also be wonderful if we could forget the bad stuff that He’s promised to forget that also makes up our past. Being unable to forgive and forget is the major causes of unhappiness in life.

By getting down my old Bible and reading some notable notes, it made me recall a large period of time during my life when I’ve tried to serve the Lord. It helps make sense out of the complicated lives we live. It also makes me grateful to understand how kind the Lord has been to me (Jesus loves me this I know).

Thanks to all of you for your kindness, understanding, and love by allowing me to represent this church through our benevolence ministry.

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