My Christmas Resolution

How many people made New Year’s Resolutions this year? The promises of losing weight, having greater financial discipline, and spending more time with the family are among the typical resolutions that people express. I have expressed all three of these myself in times past. But, like you, I have also expressed a shrug of defeat and a sigh of frustration when those resolutions did not materialize in my life.

So, I spent some time thinking about it this time. I refuse to have any New Year’s resolutions! I refuse because I know myself, and I am tired of fooling myself. My chances of staying true to any New Year’s resolution are roughly the same as that of the next celebrity marriage lasting for life. It just isn’t going to happen. Why?…it’s the same reason that the celebrity marriages will fail. It’s based on the wrong foundation.

Why would I have a chance of maintaining a lifestyle change when I base it on something as frivolous as a date on a calendar?! It all makes sense to me now. I need to base my resolutions on something more substantial than a new year.

That’s why this year I am making a Christmas resolution instead. It makes more sense to me that Christmas – not New Years – would be the time when I look back on my life, reflect on what I have done and what He has done for me. It is because of what He did that I am reminded of who I’ve been, who I want to be, and by whose power I can achieve that! It even has an effect on what resolution I wish to make!

My prayer, my Christmas resolution, this year is that because of the cross you will find this year a more patient, less sarcastic, kinder, and more sincere man in me than you did the year prior. Perhaps you should consider having a Christmas resolution – instead of a New Year’s resolution – this year. What might yours be?

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