10 Percent

That’s the goal, 10%! Not for giving to the church, though that would be good because according to research average giving is much lower than 10%. The percentage I am referring to is the 2019 goal for the percentage of our church going out into the world on mission!

We have six Go Trips planned to six countries: Mexico, Haiti, Greece, Turkey, Tanzania and Kenya. On these trips (covered with prayer) we will be seeking the lost, serving the poor and sharing the gospel. We are going for and with Jesus! He is our example. We are following him and his command to Go (Matthew 28:18-20).

If each of the six Go Trips were full, we would be close to the 10% goal. If short, we will have to combine those going on domestic Go Trips (college and youth spring break trips and others yet to be announced) to reach our goal. We will be satisfied with that for this year. But I would encourage anyone still interested to contact me about one of our International trips for 2019. For most of the trips you have several more weeks to make a decision.

But 10% is not the real goal. The goal is 100%. We can’t all go foreign or domestic, but we can all Go. There are so many ways we Go here in Denton. Many are already doing it, but over the coming months we will be trying to provide more opportunities in our own community. 100% of our members Going. Think of the impact on Denton and us! Think of the impact in the early days of the church! Could it be like that again?

Part of our going Local is our ministry to the poor through the SOCC food pantry. And in a way I would say I saw 100% support for that ministry last week. The pantry is now packed with food, and we have $6,000 to spend on new shelves, fridge and a new freezer. The pantry area will be remodeled and have a fresh new look. Thanks for all who gave and thanks for the continuing volunteer base that we have in this outreach ministry. By the way, one soul came to Christ and was baptized last week because of compassionate people and food that was given in that ministry. Praise God!

100% Going for Jesus! Difficult yes, but not impossible! Whether it be foreign, domestic, or local, let’s Go together! Things will never be the same again.

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