On Sunday night the elders laid out the Singing Oaks Vision and handed it out. A good deal of work went into that vision… and hours of discussion. And there is a lot to it… more than anyone can do justice to in one meeting, or one sermon, or one blog. So, I’m not going to attempt it.

However, I want to make absolutely sure that our eyes are on the focal point of that vision… the opening statement:

“Singing Oaks is called to love God and to love others as Jesus loved. We believe that this decision to love matures in each of us as the power of the Holy Spirit works through us to make us Christ followers.”

An earlier version of this said that our “primary task is to love God and love others.” Is it a “task?” Yes. Job one is to get our hearts right, or rather to allow Him to get our hearts right. Where is your heart?… Do you personally know the love that Jesus Christ has for you? Do you know with all your heart that nothing can separate you from that love? Do you love Him that way?… Or does your heart need some work?

Have you experienced the presence and power of the Holy Spirit?…the presence and power that Jesus promised would be even better than having Him with us? You need to know that power because it is not us, but rather that power working in us and through us that will:

  • Transform us into disciples. (Ephesians 4:11-13)
  • Expand the Kingdom

How will all this look? Put on your seat belts. I think you and I are in for a ride!

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