Show Up

Decorating my office wall are pictures… mostly pictures of children, drawings, and uplifting quotes. My absolute favorite decoration on my wall is a plaque. Some of the words engraved on the plaque are Laurie Templeton, Children’s Minister of the Year, Impact Houston Church of Christ.

Now, before you think I’m bragging on myself, let me assure you this plaque was and still is a prank. During my 3rd year at Impact Houston, my co-worker Dennis Jaeger, arranged for the local skating rink in 3rd Ward to give me this plaque engraved, “In Appreciation of devoted and invaluable service to the youth program Gospel Skating, Keeping Kids off the Street.” Out of all the inner city churches in Houston, we brought the most children to skate during Spring Break, so, of course, I was the Children’s Minister of the Year.

Again, please don’t take me seriously. I clearly do not have the market cornered on successful Children’s Ministry. The plaque on my office wall is not a reminder of how great I am, but it continually reminds me how much I have to learn. What Dennis didn’t count on was that the plaque didn’t make me laugh. The plaque completely embarrassed me. I felt so much shame at receiving this award. It was a joke…a prank, but it stung my heart.

I gaze upon this plaque daily and think to myself, “What difference have I made today?” Often, I haven’t made any real difference. Sometimes, all I’m able to do is show up. I think perhaps many of you would say the same. Show up to work, show up to family dinner, show up to Bible Study, and the list goes on and on. Perhaps, that is all life is…showing up, because when you show up, the Holy Spirit within you, has clearly moved in mysterious ways and God is with you.

All of us have plaques and trophies. Some of them may be living, breathing little humans, and some might be bonuses from work for a “job well done.” Some may hang on your walls and on your refrigerators. Whatever your plaque or trophy is, allow it to remind you to show up. Change the world because you showed up at family dinner the night your teenager was suicidal. Change the world because you showed up to Bible Study and witnessed the Wednesday night baptism with your kids. Change the world because you were at work the day the company fired your fellow workers, and you were able to comfort them. Show up. Be Jesus. Live your life with God.

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