A Midyear Message

Normally our blogs this year have been about The Story. This week I want to break with that practice and share in print, my “Midyear State of the Union” message from the service a couple of weeks ago.

The last several years at Singing Oaks have been a time of expansion. Among other things, we have opened up additional mission points. We have bought 66 acres of land. And we have added a local minister for Hispanic outreach. The leadership has been emboldened to do these things, knowing that we can depend on the generosity and devotion of our people. Thus, every year, even through recession, our giving has increased to meet the need and the opportunity.

We have not pulled back in 2014. We have expanded our outreach. Our future plans include a partnership with Arms of Hope to sponsor families … the beginning of what we hope will become a much larger effort in the years to come. Also we have a “bucket list” of things we would like to do if giving exceeds our expectations…. And our giving always exceeds! Our list includes: increased housing and assistance for nonmembers, increasing our assistance from half to full support for Hugo Tecero in Colombia, increasing our support for David Bentley in Africa, as well as buying equipment and doing needed repairs here at Singing Oaks.

Here’s where we are right now. Our December giving was impressive, but as a result, we started off slowly in January and February. We have been picking up somewhat since then, but going into the midyear we are about $2,000 per week behind on the budget. Summer is upon us with a lot of special ministry going on and a lot of special expenses. And of course, many of our people are out. With all this in mind we are asking everyone to step up. Take a look at your giving. Try not to slack off. If you are behind where you want to be in your giving, can you try to make it up? If you have been specially blessed, will you make a thank offering to the Lord?

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