He Rescues and He Saves

What can we say about the God of the Bible?

We could say that He is creator. We could say that He is Powerful! Or we could say what He says about himself, “I Am that I Am”. We can say so many things because He is and He does so many things. To a people who are exiled; foreigners in a strange land they hope to hear him say, “I Am your Rescue and I Am your Salvation. I Am the God who rescues and saves.”

In The Story we find the Jewish people scattered throughout the varying empires and powers of the Middle East. There has been much pain and suffering and hope is on its last leg. But in the midst of all this despair comes two beautiful stories about people who lived faithfully and experienced the faithfulness of God. After being kidnapped and carried away into captivity they were in a foreign land stripped of everything but their faith in God. Although their faith was all they had, ultimately it proved to be all that they needed.

The two greatest scenes involve the Hebrews boys and the pressure to forget their God and to deny their native culture and God’s calling on their lives. The Hebrews were under pressure to conform to the culture of the King’s court but they countered this pressure by speaking up for their way of living and abstaining from the culture around them. They even went so far as to invite scrutiny of their lives, beliefs and culture. This was a big risk but their God was much bigger. And while they overcame some major hurdles, a fiery test still awaited them. The good news about this test of their faithfulness was that their God was also faithful. These people had a God who rescues and saves.

One of the other well known stories is about a man named Daniel and some ferocious felines. God had blessed Daniel because of his faithfulness and Daniel has risen to quite a prominent place in the empire. You know the old phrase, “The Higher you rise, the Harder you fall” and so did some jealous satraps in the kingdom. The jealousy of these evil men caused them to plot the demise of God’s faithful servant going so far as to pressure the king to change the rules regarding worship. While the political earth was shifting right underneath Daniel’s feet there were two things that remained solid; Daniel’s faithfulness to God and God’s faithfulness to Daniel. God did not bring Daniel this far just to drop him off! God was beside Daniel in his moment of uncertainty and trial, and just when it seemed the ultimate punishment was coming his way, God showed up to rescue and save.

The good news is that these stories are not just the testimonies of God’s people in the Bible. This can be your story too! God was and is still seeking faithful servants who will serve the King and His Kingdom. God is looking for people who will not be swayed by culture. He knows that we are but strangers in a foreign land, but He promises that your faithfulness will never go unrewarded. And the best promise of all is that He promises to be with you always. You can trust this because He is faithful and true. And better than all of this – when the tough times come and you need strength to stand, He stands right beside you. Furthermore when it looks like the dark clouds are closing in and there is no hope in sight do not fear. Our God is powerful and mighty! He is the God who rescues and saves.

Peace and Blessings,


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