Jubilee ’66 – A Landmark Event

Throughout scripture, faith is described as a journey. Abraham was called to a journey; the children of Israel were called out of Egypt and onto a journey; and Christianity, originally referred to as “the way,” is a journey with Jesus. But, what kind of venture is it…where God leads and we follow, where God knows the way and we “walk by faith and not by sight?” It is a journey where we learn to see what He is doing.

We believe that God has a plan for Singing Oaks and for the Kingdom of God in Denton. As we look back over the past decades we see His hand in it all. As we look at where we are right now, with the expansion of our mission works and local outreach we see His hand. On top of it all we believe that it is God who has put 66 acres of prime land into our hands at a fortuitous moment. And, in faith, we believe that He has a vision for it for the future. We don’t know what. We can only imagine what that might be.

When God’s people find themselves in such a position, historically what they do is to take note. When the children of Israel came to crucial points in their history they raised stone markers to memorialize the events. Other peoples have historically done the same. Such markers remind us of how we got where we are, and later they serve as signposts as we navigate our way forward.

On January 27th we will gather on our new 66 acres of land and we will celebrate what God has done, what He is doing and what He will do. As we commune together we will all take the Lord’s Supper. What a significant moment that will be…our first communion, as we claim this land for God. Afterwards we will raise a marker of stones to commemorate the event. Then, when all is said and done, we will come back to the building for a party.

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