Is It Worth It?

We ask this question about many things in life. Is it worth my time, effort or money?

I ask it on several levels about a ministry we are emphasizing this coming Sunday. Is Celebrate Recovery worth it? People in Celebrate Recovery (CR) leadership at Singing Oaks work hard and give a lot of time and energy (physical and emotional). I am so thankful for them and others with them who labor diligently. I think all have asked themselves the question, is this ministry worth it?

It must also be asked by anyone coming into CR. With that first step into our parking lot, into our building or our CR room, they are asking themselves, is it worth it? Is it worth the time and all that might happen to me? Is it worth stepping out of denial so I can deal with my hurts, habits and hang ups, leading to a better life?

The question continues for someone inside CR. Should I join a step study group that might last 9 months, meeting for 1–2 hours a week? In this group you are asked to study, deeply examine your life, and be open, honest, and vulnerable. This is a much higher level of commitment. Within that group the greatest questions of life are discussed and everyone has to ask themselves, is this worth the time, the pain, the stepping into the unknown?

I am an outreach minister and Celebrate Recovery is a great outreach ministry. It reaches out to our community with the love of Jesus and reaches into our church. Jesus and his teachings are at the center of everything in CR. People see Him and hear the gospel in every lesson. Those of us who come in as Christians find help to confront our sins and grow in Christ. My life as a Christian has changed over the last 40 years but none more than in the last 3 years in CR. So is it worth it? You may have already guessed my answer. For me it is a resounding YES! But what about you? Come this weekend for CR Sunday (January 30th). Come join us any Wednesday night. We are not perfect and the ministry is not perfect, but we are certainly closer than we were before we started CR.

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