Why Camp Is Good For Youth Groups

Last week the Singing Oaks youth group attended camp victory at camp eagle. The best thing about camp is the amount of time spent with our church family in the presence of God. We all spent a lot of time “dwelling in the word” which is where we read a passage over and over again, and for the most part you hear different things each time you read it.

We read Ephesians chapter 2, this passage reminded a lot of us about the grace God has given us through his son Jesus Christ. We were reminded that we are truly a part of God’s household and that he cares for us as his children. We had the theme of “imagine” one day. My cell group was asked to imagine something they’d like to see in the future. I said that I imagined having a family that God could be happy knowing was a part of his family.

This year we spent a lot more time as a youth group than usual. It used to be that if no one in your youth group was in your cell or activity group you just wouldn’t see them unless you sat next to them at meals or during worship time; but this year time was taken for us to meet with our church families. Since Singing Oaks brings such a large group the students split up one night, each upperclassmen had their own little group to speak with. This gave the older students a chance to step up in leadership and the younger students a chance to get to know the upperclassmen a little better and begin to form a better bond with them.

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