A Common Love

Happy New Year! Just this morning, I was reflecting on my last high school semester 20 years ago. I remember senioritis and dreaming beyond the confines of small town Eldorado, Texas. I remember studying Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” the last semester of English 4, and I remember thinking that my life would be so different by the time I reached 37. Back then, we were talking about our future 10 year reunion, which I skipped, and wondering who would marry first, and how many kids people would have, and the best…who would gain the most weight by our 10 year reunion. My 20 year high school reunion is this June, and none of these questions matter anymore. Life, so far, has been very different for my fellow 42 graduates than any of us ever planned. One has passed away, some have married, some have divorced, many have children, some are in the Military, and some have college degrees.

I imagine most of you share similar memories with me even though we didn’t share our childhood. Our common memory gives us the ability to relate to each other even though we are from different states, countries, and ways of life. Even now, we are building a common memory of faith within this community, Singing Oaks Church of Christ. Every new life, death, marriage, divorce, graduation, tragedy, and baptism is imprinted on our hearts and minds as part of our common memory. What one person forgets, another will remember, and together we continue to build our common memory.

In this New Year, 2016, what do we want our common memory to be at this same time in 2017? Are you listening closely for God’s voice to lead you through the wilderness of life? Will you continue to ignore the voice in your head who says, “Come, beloved, trust me and I will surprise you?” Who is your heart leading you to love in the margins? Are you paying attention? In 2017, will you regret not listening to the Holy Spirit in 2016? As we each experience this beautiful, tragic life God has given us, we are adding to our common memory of God’s infinite memory of us and who we are truly created to be on earth. Our challenge to Connect with God and each other, Grow with God and each other, Serve God and each other, and Go with God and each other will tell a story in 20 years that remembers a faith community who shares a common love for God and each other.

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