No Common Man

The world is always talking about statistics, numbers of men and women who have done things that no other human being has done. People talk about records, I hear things like the 50 greatest athletes in history, baseball, football, what many have heard and call soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, surfing, and these people have come to be called idols out of this world. Other writers, warriors, actors and actresses, singers, presidents, etc.

Well let me tell you about my Jesus, there is no one like him! Here are his numbers:

  • Seven times he cures unclean spirits. In these passages we can see that even the demons bow down before Jesus and obey and recognize him as the Holy Son of God.
  • Five times he cures paralyzed people.
  • Four times he cures blind people.
  • Two times he cures lepers.
  • Six other cures:
    • The fever of Peter’s mother
    • Woman with bleeding
    • A deaf-mute in Decapolis
    • Man with abnormal swelling
    • The ear of Malchus
    • The son of a high nobleman
  • Other healings are also mentioned in several passages on the same occasion in the following passages: Mt 4:23-25, Mt 8:16-17, Mt 15:29-31, Mt 21:14-15, Mr. 1:32-34, Mark 3:7-12, Luke. 4:40-41, Lk. 16:17-19.
  • Ten miracles over nature
    • The multiplication of fish and loaves twice
    • Quieted the storm
    • And if you like surfing, he walked on water
    • Money in the mouth of a fish to pay the IRS
    • Dry fig
    • The miraculous catch
    • The Transfiguration of himself
    • If you like to go to weddings and you do not like to drink water and there is no wine. No one like Jesus, he turned water into wine.
  • Gave life to the dead
    • Lazarus
    • Daughter of Jairus
    • The son of a widow
  • The most importantly, he died and rose again.

No man like him, despite rejection, contempt, humiliation, flogging, pain and crucifixion, died for you and me, all of us, to give us salvation and eternal life.

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