Soil Analyst

We’ve been going through Jesus’ parables this semester at the CCC (come join us!) and it has been a really good study so far. Over the Christmas break I spent time planning. I kept going back and forth on which ones to cover and in what order. Do I start with the familiar ones, Prodigal Son and the Good Samaritan, or do I start with less familiar ones and save those for later? As I was studying, I realized (I like to think God led me) that the best place to start a study over the parables was with the Parable of the Sower.

You remember the story from Matthew 13, the farmer goes out to spread some seed and some fall along the path and birds gobble it up (taken by the evil one). Some fall on rocky places and can’t sprout deep roots and therefore wither away (persecution). Some fall among thorns and are choked out (worry and wealth). Then finally, some fall on good soil where they produce a crop – a large crop at that.

I started with this parable because this parable is THE parable about all the other parables! All these other teachings and stories with twists and turns (did he just say Samaritan, surely not), all these parables are seeds that Jesus was spreading. How will they be heard? Will they take root and bear fruit?

But beyond just how we hear, it’s important to remember that we also have an opportunity to spread seed wherever we are. Our first response to this parable should be to ask ourselves which soil we are and how do we hear Jesus’ teaching, but I think it is also appropriate for us to think about ourselves as the farmer. We have dozens of chances every week to spread seed. Every word and every action can bring about new life.

As we think about ourselves as the farmer, I think is crucial for us to remember this – we are called to be seed spreaders not soil analysts.

As followers of Jesus, we are all called to spread seed wherever we are but what we are not called to do is analyze the soil. How will this person respond? Oh, they are not ready to hear that yet. I’m just not sure they are at a point in their life to receive that. Soil analyst.

Spread seed. Love people. Let God water them through his Spirit and bring new life.

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