Second Chance

It is great to live in a country or even a world that many times gives us a second chance. It might come in school, at work, or in a relationship. We gratefully receive and are thankful for it. Recently God gave me a second chance.

Over a year ago I moved to a new area. One of the first people I met was an elderly man (what I really mean is, older than me) who looked like he was struggling with his health. We had a short conversation, and I said to myself I would visit his home someday. Over the following months I saw him several times, and he even became one of the patents at our clinic. However, for whatever reason, I never made it over to his home to get to know him better. I guess I was just too busy with other important matters!!!!

After being away for a while I recently returned and was walking in the early morning hours near his home. I saw a young man and asked about my friend who I had seen at that very spot several times. He said the elderly gentleman had died while I was away. I expressed my regrets and continued on my way. As I walked and thought about the news it affected me greatly. I had good intentions to know him better but missed my chance to do that, even more, the chance to share with him things most important to me in life.

Fast forward 3 weeks. I am at the clinic and to my great surprise my elderly friend walks through the gate and up the steps!!! No–he did not rise from the dead–he just never died. Thank God! Either the young man thought I was talking about someone else or I just misunderstood him (a foreign language thing). Anyway I was overjoyed to see him alive and happy to be given a second chance to know him better. I have now been to his house, met his family and close friends and have plans to return.

The scripture says, “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity” (Colossians 4:5 NIV). May God give me the eyes, the heart and discipline to make the most of every opportunity. They may have eternal consequences.

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