SOCC Youth – Life Support

Have you ever watched a fire? It is mysterious and mesmerizing. Fire moves, breaths, can destroy, or illuminate. Fire can kill, or it can bring warmth and comfort. Fundamentally, fire is a chemical process requiring oxygen and fuel. When fire happens in a cell, it is called, respiration; when fire happens around us, it is called fire. Fire is one of the most basic biological process.

Sometimes, we want fire and even need fire to stay alive, other times fire brings destruction and devastation to our lives. Understanding how fire grows, moves, and what kind of fuel it needs can help us tame and use fire to illuminate life, purify our lives, and bring warmth to humanity.

Adolescents and fire share a lot in common. They are both very volatile substances, which can be channeled and fueled. Left to their own and given no boundaries, they can breed destruction or smolder out; however, given a little fuel, healthy boundaries, careful attention and care, both can become great blessings.

At Singing Oaks, we understand that growing a fire in your house is not always the most pleasant endeavor, but it can be a beautiful, mesmerizing, warmth and light bringing entity that can bring comfort to your soul.

In today’s world, a world that glorifies youthfulness and often immature behavior, it is becoming increasingly difficult to “ cultivate a light reflecting, healthy teen.” The SOCC youth ministry would love to help you nurture the fire within your family by helping to foster an environment that connects your family with the fuel only provided by a relationship with Christ.

Here at SOCC we want to help your family grow closer to God. It’s that simple!!!