People Don’t Convert People, God Converts People

In the story of the prodigal son (beginning in Luke 15:11) we find a young man who took his inheritance from his father and then went far away to a foreign country and spent it all on wild living. He ended up so low that he could only find work taking care of pigs and nothing to eat for himself. He finally realized that he could return to his father’s house where the servants lived better. He decided that he would ask his father to hire him as a servant. The story then switches to the father seeing his son from afar and running to him and rejoicing that his son, “who was dead and is now alive.”

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A Modern Day Persistent Widow

We have a friend here who is a widow. When her husband died she wasn’t left with much. One thing that they had was a small bank account where they deposited their savings when they had something to save. When they opened up the bank account the husband did something very unusual for an African man. He put his name and his wife’s name on the account so that she would also have access to their money.

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Deeply Touched

The last three weeks have been a bit tumultuous for our family, and the mental haze that comes along with a death in the family can leave one ill equipped to make wise and discerning decisions. Upon receiving the news of the deaths of my grandmother and brother, I was in such shock, and yet it was on us to make quick decisions that would involve spending thousands of dollars, dropping work for the next three weeks, and leaving Nicole and the girls to manage our responsibilities here with no notice. It would take seven legs of travel in order to make it to my grandmother’s funeral in three days, and there was no time to waste.

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When Orphans are Born

Recently I was traveling back to Kara from a village where I was visiting. I received a call from my wife Nicole saying that someone from a nearby village had died and that I was needed at the hospital. When I arrived, my friend and leader of the church in Lassa Tchou, Jean-Marie, was there waiting. He explained that he had been called to Kara to help with a woman who had died and they needed us to transport the corpse to the village so they could bury the deceased woman immediately (which is completely normal in Africa).

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An Honest Holiday Season

During this holiday season, we tend to go back to the story of Jesus’ birth and focus on the nature of the incarnation, Immanuel or God with us. When reading the story in Luke chapter 2 we find not only the story of the birth of Christ but also the story of when Joseph and Mary presented Jesus in the temple 8 days after his birth in order to consecrate him to the Lord. Here we find Simeon, who had been promised to see the Messiah before he died, blessing the child Jesus and giving Mary a piece of parenting advice along with it. Simeon tells Mary that this child that she just miraculously gave birth to will also be the one to break her heart. But in this, the child will force her and everyone else in the world to be honest with themselves. Luke 2: 33-35 reads (the Message): “This child marks both the failure and the recovery of many in Israel, A figure misunderstood and contradicted, the pain of a sword-thrust through you but the rejection will force honesty, as God reveals who they really are.”

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