For the last several months I’ve been postponing a responsibility I’ve been given by the camp staff I work with to provide camp for our 3rd-6th grade students. For the last three years I’ve written the camp curriculum, and every year I have a moment of inspiration when God gives me a specific book or a message from a preacher, or a conversation between colleagues which clearly shows me the path to walk as I write the curriculum. This year I have really struggled for ideas, energy, and to be completely honest, I’ve had a bad attitude about writing the curriculum. Last fall, I drove four hours to Edmond in horrible traffic to arrive 15 minutes late to a two hour meeting where the vision for the theme of camp had already been cast, and I wasn’t even asked if I liked the idea, yet they all wanted me to write the curriculum. So, needless to say and write, I’ve been a little grouchy about writing, and my grouchiness has contributed to my procrastination. I’m sure everyone has been in my shoes before. Your voice is ignored, and perhaps even your presence isn’t required, yet you are needed to do the work. The theme of Camp Connect this year is WITNESS, and the biblical witnesses we will learn about are Sarah, Mary at the tomb, Gideon, Paul, and Peter. I imagine all of these biblical witnesses were grouchy at times about doing the work, so I think I’m in good company, yet the inspiration still hasn’t struck, and my self-motivation is low.
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One of Us

I have a new neighbor. My neighbor is very different from me, and as much as I don’t want to admit it, he makes me uncomfortable…not uncomfortable in a predatory or criminal sense, yet in a sense of I don’t know how to love this neighbor. He seems to be kind and after every conversation, he “blesses my day.” I’ve been informed by a friend of his that he has been struck by lightning, which evidently has made him a little different. I’m annoyed with myself for being annoyed by his presence. He has disrupted my quiet and tidy building with the chaos of stuff and chattiness. There are other characteristics that are causing discomfort, yet if I reveal all of them, you will all see how shallow I am. I know this neighbor is accustomed to strange looks, and has probably lived on the margins most of his life.

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Just Another Blog

Have you ever “had to” do something? I have…every day. Every day I have to get out of bed, walk my dog Greta, feed Greta, make coffee, get ready for work, drive to work, etc. The things we have to do are necessary for daily living. We have to feed ourselves, feed others, go to school and work, we have to bathe and get dressed. We have to pay the bills, put gasoline in the car, pick up the kids from school, and mow the lawn. Essentially, the “have to” items on our lists are the chores that make us responsible each day. Recently, Continue reading »

Body of Christ

Last Tuesday evening across the Texas/Mexico border in Matamoros an asylum seeker approached me with a smile, and asked, “Why are you so serious? White girl with big blue eyes, why are you so serious? Smile!” I thought to myself, “There’s nothing to smile about. This is sad.” Instead, I responded with “What?” He replied with, “Smile!” So, I complied, and smiled. Continue reading »

Watch and Wait, Sunday is Coming

The road to Resurrection Sunday is paved with good intentions. Many have spent 40 days attempting to emulate Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness by giving up chocolate, bread, and coffee. Some have given more time to scripture, prayer, and community to find meaning in this life. Others ignored the road all together until Notre Dame began burning this Holy Week. Suddenly, everyone around the globe is focused on the gold cross remaining within the burnt shell of this great cathedral, and Christians, in name and in faith, remember to find a place on the road to Resurrection Sunday.

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