What I Learned From a Little Mud

So, here I am at the 2012 DFW Mud Run.

If you look hard enough, you will see that I am the person next to the end on the right. You might not know it unless you look hard. We are, after all, incredibly muddy. So much so, that it might be hard to tell us apart!

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Life Lessons From The Racquetball Court

I am sitting at the campus center right now waiting on students to arrive for a student-led worship time we have every other Monday night, and I am pondering over how fragile I am. My entire right leg (along with my right elbow, the pink on my right hand, and my right hip) is bruised and scratched up from diving in the game of racquetball. I play racquetball with Beau Davis quite often, and because he is better than me (at least in his mind, ha!), I have to dive to get the ball sometimes. I must be fragile or something because it hurts…and every time I dive it reopens the same wounds! But I finally came to the conclusion that my pain is making me a better player than I used to be. Even Beau will admit that I am better now than I was when I started! Let’s just say that I am a work in progress.

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My Christmas Resolution

How many people made New Year’s Resolutions this year? The promises of losing weight, having greater financial discipline, and spending more time with the family are among the typical resolutions that people express. I have expressed all three of these myself in times past. But, like you, I have also expressed a shrug of defeat and a sigh of frustration when those resolutions did not materialize in my life.

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Even Superman Had to Learn to Fly

As I think through some of the more memorable moments in super-hero comic history (yes, I am one of those special super-hero nerds), I find myself drawn to one of the greatest. It was early in the Superman comics when, Jonathan and Martha Kent, were teaching him to use powers. He was learning to fly, but he resembled more a bird leaving the nest for the first time. He was not a plane streaking through the sky, he was an awkward jumper. Soon the jump became a leap, and finally…he soared.

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Yahweh, the Wild

I have had numerous conversations lately with people who talk as if they have an inside scoop as to who God is and what he would do in every given situation. It’s remarkable to me how many times we all seem to take that position. Inadvertently, I say things sometimes that confirm that I feel the same way, things that put God in a box. I have heard, and sometimes made, statements like: “He doesn’t do that anymore,” “My God would never…,” and “He’s different than he was in the Old Testament.” All of these statements assume a great deal of the God we serve. In fact, it seems that many times the predominant view of God is he has had a personality change over time: a strict military father swift with punishment in the Old Testament, who, after much angst, has changed to be a loving grandfather quick to forgive in the New Testament. The Old Testament God is standing on the front porch with a shotgun while the New Testament God is the one we picture in a rocking chair petting a baby lamb.

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