What I don’t see in myself, others do. It happens to us all the time and we don’t even notice. How many of us have stories about this? My two year old son, Manny, was eating dirt; he couldn’t go to the playground because of this. One afternoon I was picking him up from daycare and he was at the playground, it was a hot day, I saw the children playing from afar and there he was, too, he bent down and I thought “Oh, no! He’s going to eat dirt! Don’t do it”… suddenly, I saw as his teacher ran towards him, and he ate dirt. I waited for the teacher to talk with him and then I went to pick him up. Manny came out of the playground and I asked him, “Have you eaten dirt? He answered, “Nooo”. I asked again, “have you eaten dirt?”. He sat down on the sidewalk, placed his hands on his knee and said, “Daddy, me? Nooo Daddy, no. Me? Dirt?”. In Colombia we say: You have two options, which are; to get mad and cry afterwards or laugh and enjoy the moment. I had to laugh, imagine dirt all over his teeth, cheeks and all over his mouth. This is simply something that happens and through it all, we must keep calm. But that is easier said than done!

Today we find ourselves living very differently than what we may be used to. What will happen tomorrow, we do not know. What we do know is that God is in control. Jesus calmed and silenced the storm, He is our Saviour and we are bearers of the Holy Spirit.

“Do not be distressed, trust God, and trust in me”, says Jesus our Lord. If we do not do so, our entire life will be total chaos. It’s time we take advantage of the current circumstances. What will we do? How can we apply this to our lives?

Let us practice constant communication, as a church, as grow groups, as leaders. Let us know how you are, how we may pray for you, how we can be of help to you or help you help others; communication is a two way road.

Let us adapt to new ways of doing things differently.

Let us listen carefully to God’s advice in His Word, let us not take it for granted, let us be wise. Proverbs 8:33

Minister to others through prayer, share the Word, share what you have, make use of technology and other means of communication, testifying to Christ, be the light and not the lack of it. Loving others is loving God.

So, keep calm: communicate, adapt, listen, and minister to others.

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