Surprise Me Prayers

I was in a rut last spring semester, but one day stood out in such a memorable way. On my drive to the CCC I listened to a sermon on prayer by Francis Chan. I was so moved, that I decided to scrap everything on my to-do list that morning and spend the entire morning in prayer. Well, it was a game changer!

The rest of that day was one God-appointment after another. Our international student event went great that day, I had Bible studies and prayer times with 2 different “seekers” that were incredible, and then that evening while we were serving at 1st Refuge I had awesome conversations and prayer times with 4 different people who were in need of spiritual encouragement. After our student meeting and dinner that followed our service project, I then headed to the UNT rec and played basketball till midnight. (I played really well against guys half my age I might add!)

On the walk back to the CCC I passed a couple from Pakistan who were struggling to fix a flat tire, so I stopped and fixed it for them (flat tires are about the only thing I can fix on a car). Later, as I walked across the CCC parking lot to my truck so I could finally go home, I had yet another surprise. A very good friend of mine, who was having a bad day, had pulled into our parking lot to have some comfort food at Insomnia Cookies. Well friends don’t let friends eat cookies after midnight alone, so of course I joined him. We talked and prayed, and he said it was definitely a “God moment”.

I was finally driving home a little after 1am, but I was far from tired. I was so elated and thankful that God had used me in so many different ways! My entire drive home was a time of thanksgiving and praise as I reviewed my non-stop day of ministry and fun. Then it hit me…. I realized what I had prayed for early that morning.

I drop my girls off at school in the morning, and we always say a prayer as we drive. That morning I had literally prayed quote, “God, surprise us in how You use us today”. Well He certainly did!

Now I’m trying to remember to pray that “surprise me in how You use me” prayer at the start of every day.

If you are sure that you’re up for the adventure, I suggest you pray it too!

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