Inspiring Quotes on Leadership

A few years ago I attended a ministers’ conference with Craig Groeschel who started Life Church (LifeChurch.TV). Craig gave an inspiring message about the lessons in leadership he had learned along the way. I believe he had a list of about 10, but 3 were so good that I committed them to memory. I’d like to share those with you and give a little application for each.

1. “We often over-estimate what God is going to do in the short term. And often, we greatly under-estimate what God will do in the long term.”

This one is tough for me. It’s probably difficult for all of us in this instant gratification, high-speed society. Weather its diet and exercise, financial goals, or spiritual formation and revival, we all want significant results immediately! Yet, some of our favorite stories and heroes from the Bible took time, and in some instances a lifetime. We must wait patiently on the Lord with hope, trust and mountain-moving faith.

2. “The difference in where you are now, and where you and God both want you to be, is the pain you are unwilling to go through to get there.”

This one stings a bit, because it is so true. Whether it’s physical health, spiritual health, or relational reconciliation, change for the better usually comes at a cost. Like Jesus said referring to discipleship, “count the cost”. Our church is growing, and with that comes some growing pains. The remedy for this pain is to look beyond the pain and to trust that there is more. Like training for a marathon or climbing a mountain, we have to believe it is worth it. The pinnacle of this example is Jesus enduring the cross. (see Hebrews 12:1-6). Praise God that Jesus was willing to “go through the pain that it took to get there”!

3. “In order to step toward your destiny, you have to step away from your security.”

This quote goes hand in hand with the previous one. We sure love our security don’t we? Understandably so, it’s engrained deep in our human nature to need the feeling of security and to stay secure. It’s a good thing eagles decide to put this quote into practice when they are old enough to fly. Stepping (actually falling) out of the security of their nest, they soar to their destiny and designed purpose. Otherwise, eagles would be really boring birds if they just stayed in the nest where they felt secure. That would make for a terrible symbol for a nation now wouldn’t it?

Let’s soar like God intended us to! (Isaiah 40:31)

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