The Season For Giving

Christmas is a season of giving, but at Singing Oaks in many ways the whole year is about giving. In the benevolence ministry over 5300 people were helped with one or more of the following: food, clothing, rent, utilities, fuel, prescriptions, bus passes, bicycles or some other form of assistance. We also pray and share the gospel with as many who are willing to listen. And there are stories, some of which have great impact on those of us involved. So there is a lot of giving but also a lot of receiving. Here are some stories from the last few months.

An older church member in his eighties helps once a month. Not able to do much physically, he helps on the spiritual side. He sits right beside me and when someone agrees to prayer he takes them over to the next table to hear their story and pray. On the days he is there it seems we have more people wanting prayer, and it always seems they go away more encouraged by his heartfelt petitions. Thank you!

A homeless person came in one day and was down because they had lost their phone. It was a rainy month and many homeless living near the bridge on Loop 288 got flooded out. I asked our volunteers if anyone had a spare phone laying around the house and before anyone could answer another homeless person waiting for their food said, “I have one,” and gave it to her on the spot. I am routinely amazed at how giving the homeless are with others!

We helped another person with bus passes, and they wanted to give back by helping in the pantry. She now comes frequently to help in both the clothing room and food pantry. She is also going through strong chemo and needs the passes to travel back and forth to doctors. One day while she was there another lady came in who had received financial assistance and had told us about her going through chemo and being in remission. We asked if she would pray for our new friend in the midst of her treatment. It was a moving sight and a powerful prayer. I hope that both will be members of our church some day.

A guy with serious health problems walked in off the street one day. He was crying, not only because of is health problems but also because of family struggles and mistreatment by the system. He also told me he was agnostic! In the end all he asked for was a bus pass. We prayed, and I gave him the bus passes. Walking out the door I felt that he needed more, maybe just a hug (though I didn’t really want to) and that Jesus would surely do it. We hugged and he went on his way. The whole encounter impacted me a lot!

The bike ministry has also seen many joyful and grateful recipients over the year. Recently, a man being prayed over, cried because someone would care enough to give him a bike and a lock to help him get and maintain a job.

Singing Oaks is known to be a giving church. The benevolence ministry is only one small part of it. I feel privileged and thankful to have been a part of all the giving and receiving in 2018 along with all the wonderful volunteers in that ministry. Thanks to all of you.

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