If you’ve driven by the church building recently and wondered why I’m not at work since my 2005 black Honda Civic with the Aloha sticker is missing, it’s because I bought myself a really nice Christmas present this year. I bought a new car. She’s so pretty! She’s a 2015 blue VW Jetta. I’ve needed to replace my Honda for a while. She had a lot of sentimental value, but her trade-in value was $250. The last church I served, Impact Houston Church of Christ, gave me the Honda Civic. It was a complete surprise when my co-worker, Dennis, handed me the keys to the Honda Civic at the dealership and said she was mine. I named her “Impact.” She replaced “Granny,” my maroon Geo Prism that my Granny bought for me during my senior year in college. “Granny” replaced my white Ford Escort that my parents gave to me my senior year in high school after I hit a deer two weeks before my Granny passed away. I never named the Ford Escort. I think I never named my first car because I didn’t understand the value and sacrifice it meant for my parents to give me a car. I do now. I have a car payment for the first time ever in my life, and even though it’s an added expense, even this car payment is a gift because it represents the ability to travel safely to and from work, travel to see my family for Christmas, and new adventures. Names are important…to name someone or something designates value. I haven’t named the new car yet, but I’m sure inspiration will come at the right moment.

These gifts I’ve received remind me of God’s good gifts. While free cars are nothing compared to all the gifts we receive from God in the great unfolding drama of life, gifts, both small and big, are wonderful reminders of God’s love for all creation. I’m not a fan of the monster of consumerism which seems to engulf our wonder of Christmas, but I am a fan of the sweet gifts we give to those we love and the gifts given to us from those who love us as reminders of God’s vulnerable gift of audacious love we celebrate and wait expectantly for each December. As you shop, wrap, and unwrap this Christmas, think of Mary and Joseph waiting for the gift of a new baby, wrapping him in swaddling clothes, and then unwrapping him periodically to marvel at his 10 tiny perfect toes and fingers. Most importantly, remember the name of this gift revealed to Joseph in a dream…”Immanuel” which means, “God with us.” Matthew 1:23 Gabriel reveals another name to Mary in Luke 1:31, “You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.” This Christmas, name the good gifts God has given to you. Remind yourself that you matter to God, because God has named you, “Beloved.” Merry Christmas!

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