Songfest was truly a blessing and it sure was inspiring. Usually when you think of a Fest short for (festival), there is an emphasis on a particular topic, but each representative gives the topic their own unique twist. Though many of them have their own thing going, they are all still there for the same purpose. So my thinking when it comes to SONGFEST at Singing Oaks Church of Christ was just that! A celebration with songs that glorify and praise God. Different styles, cultures and sounds coming together just to share the goodness of God in their lives with people they’ve probably never met. The weekend was also an example of God moving in our church, past the point of just doing church and making sure we get through a checklist, but relying on the Holy Spirit to make these songs that we’ve always sung completely brand new! The Spirit can blow your mind if you let it. You see, we serve a God that can do the impossible and give us a feeling that is powerful like no other.

Thank you to everyone who came out for this eventful weekend. There are many elements that made this weekend what it was! The first night was Saturday and before we began, all involved circled up and had a powerful time of prayer and a commitment that although all involved were different in some form we were going to lift God’s name and rebuke Satan through our intense worship to God. Singing Oaks started the night off and we as the hosting church had three different praise teams from all different age brackets help in the leading of worship. As the leader I wanted to emphasize the fact that we needed to lead songs that were going to usher in the presence of God and songs that spoke directly to God. We also had The Way Community Church of Christ praise team from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who led us in a very spirit filled time of worship. It was in inspirational songs that most of our team and members never heard, but because of mindset and oneness that was in the room we were able to worship and sing those songs without making it a hindrance just because we didn’t know them beforehand. After the Way our very own Brandon Bell preached a powerful message on Jehoshaphat and how he and his followers responded to their battles was simply worshipping God without question. After the message David Mosher felt called to have all those in the room find someone that they hadn’t known before that night and called us to pray over them. What a powerful moment in that room. We then continued in songs of worship with Garden Ridge Church of Christ from Lewisville. They lifted us up in encouragement and praise to God. We closed out the evening with Light of the World Church of Christ from Dallas, Texas who took us into a deep and emotional time of praise to our God. Wow! What a powerful night that ended in passing around the mic allowing those, including myself a chance in sharing God’s gifts.

Both Sunday morning worship services were led by EVOKAL who challenged our church family to sing like it was our last time and God’s name was lifted up! We also had a guest speaker, Ryan Smith who is the preaching minister at the East Virgin Street Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He reminded us how good it is to know God and that we should not just worship God for what he can do, but simply who he is! Later that afternoon he spoke on the “Joy of the Lord” and broke down what it actually meant in the Bible when it said in Psalm 100 “Make a Joyful Noise”.

Sunday afternoon was the finale of the entire weekend. We had EVOKAL lead us and our guests in meaningful worship. Brandon shared an extension of his Jehoshaphat message with us. We had a performance, by the UNT Greentones who blessed us with their gifts of beautiful music. Next, I just have to say how extremely proud I am of our Singing Oaks Choir! They shocked the congregation and our guests with their (Mooooooooving) and spirit-filled performance that showcased God’s goodness and the gifts we have amongst us here at Singing Oaks. Lastly, we closed out SONGFEST with “DAWN”, a female group from the Dallas area. Everyone who got a chance to hear them sing were blessed and inspired. These women have been around the world blessing others for many years, so I thought they’d be a treat to have in our home of Singing Oaks. They even had a female bass!

This whirlwind of a weekend was so great! All involved were “united” under one umbrella and that was just “Lifting God’s Name Up”! Singing Oaks, God is blessing us with many opportunities to have fellowship with others, and I hope we will continue to hunger for authentic worship to God that isn’t reliant on anything other than the Spirit!

Thanks for your support in all of this Church family!

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