The Greatest Showman

It can be really hard to find a person that doesn’t love to be shown or told a good story. Stories are the mechanisms that we use to frame and communicate the experiences in our lives. Stories can define us, separate and divide us, unify us and ultimately give meaning to all that we do. Story tellers are some of the most highly sought after people and can captivate and inspire us to be the greatest we can be.

One story that is captivating teen culture and beginning to take over their earbuds is the story that plays out in the movie, “The Greatest Showman,” a story showing the poor becoming wealthy with moments of tragedy and redemption. The character of P.T. Barnum goes on the journey to overcome his place in life. Through success, failure, and ultimately through pain and destruction he is reminded of his true purpose and hope. If you haven’t seen the movie, add it to your movie list for the theaters or Redbox. It would be worth a watch. The story is a story of redemption at many levels and I believe that is why it is such a draw to many teens.

On the surface, “The Greatest Showman” seems to have no signs of religion, Christianity, or God. In fact it can seem as though the perceived protagonist is abusing the weak for his own gain while the world seems conflicted about how to respond. Deep down the movie takes you on a roller coaster of emotion through passion and song. Showing the flaws, bitterness, and complexity in society, this movie exposes many of the flawed creeds and beliefs that seem to control the minds of all. However, upon looking deep into the hearts of many of the characters, this musical echoes the redemption and love from God that is found in accepting and loving people where they are, in their despair, pain, hate etc. but never leaving them where you found them.

Parents and grandparents, take a moment with the teens and young adults in your life to have a conversation about this and other stories of redemption. Help our youth see how God and the Christians surrounding them are working together to bring about redemption in the lives of everyone so that all may be made new in Christ. Help show them how God’s love sees through the outward appearance and into the heart and hope He has for us. He is able to look through our flaws, and through the humility of Christ, lead us into the life He meant for us. Help be living echoes of what Paul describes in Colossians 1:19-23. Be the Greatest Showman to them.

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