What a time we have had over the last several weeks! Since the middle of August, American territory has been hit by not one but three of the worst hurricanes of all time… Harvey, Irma and Maria. As I write, Maria has blasted through Puerto Rica. It and much of the Caribbean has been decimated. Meanwhile, Mexico has suffered two major earthquakes… one, two days ago, which resulted in hundreds of deaths. I watched television this morning as rescuers were desperately trying to dig out a little girl from the rubble.

What, as Christians are we to make of all this? As I google ministerial responses I find no shortage of preachers who think that they know exactly what all this means. First: there are those who are sure it is God’s judgment because of something or another. Back when Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 various ministers blamed it on the gay community, or Obama, or Mitt Romney. This time, while no one seems to be blaming Trump, the same sorts of response are out there. Second: many are saying we may be seeing signs of the end times.

As I look at the situation I have unfortunately received no personal prophetic revelation. So, I hesitate to connect specific natural disasters to sinful behaviors or political ideologies. And, if I were so inclined I would hesitate to connect it only to other people’s sins and ideological positions while ignoring my own.

With that said, I think there are some serious thoughts that these natural disasters remind us about:

First: This World Is Not As It Should Be. This is a sinful world that needs to come to repentance… a world “subject to futility,” “in bondage to corruption.” Romans 8:22-23

Second: Jesus Is Coming Back. Romans 8:18-21. And it could well be soon. I really am beginning to wonder. However, as Christians we should look forward to that… and not dread it.

Third: We Are All Going To Die.

Are you ready? Are you right with God? Do you know someone who needs to know Jesus? Times like these have you asking these questions.

Finally, perhaps most of all, we are reminded of our calling as Jesus followers, to unite in prayer, to meet the needs of our fellow human beings, to help the hurting… without regard to race or creed. Events like these draw us together in our common humanity and remind us of the Golden Rule… which is still the gold standard of everything we hold dear.

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