Our lives are in a constant transformation. I remember the first day I arrived to Denton, TX, a bit over four years ago. In the beginning I was by myself and not long after my beautiful wife was with me after a short process with immigration. What was supposed to take four years, only took one and a half years, and a constant transformation began in our lives. We faced many challenges, but God always with us, we were blessed.

What seemed impossible then is possible today. Shortly after she arrived to this country God did a miracle of healing in her life and a miracle of life, our son and daughter. We have experienced many things in such short time and have witnessed how everything is possible with God and how He can transform us.

Four years ago, Singing Oaks opened its doors to our Hispanic community through ESL classes and in one year’s time the class transformed into Bible class, “Knowing God’s Story…My Story”. Six months later, around June, we were having worship services in Spanish in this place. Today, three years later, I am not the same person I was before. Neither is my wife. My son is now three years old and my daughter is one and a half years old. My son will soon be in Pre-K, yes, constant transformation.

I have seen God transform the lives of many families, marriages, teen and adult men and women. Especially teens in summer through the program or discipleship called “internship”. I have seen how these teens keep growing and dedicate their lives to serve God and to disciple others; teens involved in missions, teens impacting lives, traveling around the world preaching the gospel, training to dedicate their lives to serve God and others in Christian universities, having an impact in our church, seeking to do the will of God.

Our lives individually, our community, our Singing Oaks family are not the same, we could say they were good but as of today, they are even better, better in seeking excellence, for excellence is what God deserves. We were created for that reason, and in His hands transformation is possible.

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