Unexpected Blessings

Thanks to all who helped pack Thanksgiving boxes and who brought food for the Don Compton Memorial Dinner last Sunday. The event honored God and honored one of God’s past servants, Don Compton. I’m sure many were blessed by being there. I know that I was, even in unexpected ways.

Food might not be the most important thing in the world but it ranks pretty high in all cultures. Sustenance, energy and joy comes from it’s abundance. Weakness and misery from its scarcity. Food then (the boxes and the dinner) was the focus of our event on this Thanksgiving week. We spent a lot of time purchasing, preparing, packing and eating food, and it was all delicious and plentiful for both activities. Praise God for our abundance of food! And also a big thanks to Leah and her team.

During the box packing time, Beau asked groups to pray for each item they put in their box and for those receiving it. I was a little surprised because we didn’t talk about it in our meetings. I thought it was great though. If from food comes energy and joy how much more from prayer. And then the following days when we handed out the boxes I could tell by the expressions on faces that many were touched and really appreciated the prayers over the food they were given. Thank you Beau and thanks for everyone’s prayers. It is making a difference! It was unexpected blessing!

And then there were the boxes. It was Laurie’s idea to have the children decorate them. In the end both children and adults colored, drew, and wrote. Some were quite elaborate! Later when all the boxes were stacked together I began looking at them more closely. There were lots of smiley faces, flowers, balloons, sunshine, birds, trees, rainbows, hearts and crosses. And there were words.

God loves you
God bless you
God is good all the time
Yeah food
Grateful, Blessed
I love Jesus
He will overpower anything
Be a blessing
Psalm 107:8-9
1 Chronicles 16:34
Philippians 4:6-7
Give thanks is all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus
My God is awesome
Psalms 91
You are loved
Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever
Love is sharing
Jesus is the answer
I hope you enjoy your food
Sing and be Happy
Happy Thanksgiving
Don’t stop praying to God

WOW! From the crayons and markers of the children and adults came another unexpected blessing – the encouragement that comes from the hearts of God’s people and from the word of God itself (see Deuteronomy 8:3). Writing and drawing on the boxes was more than a fun family activity. It was powerful, encouraging and could have eternal consequences for recipients. Thanks to all who took time to decorate and to Laurie for suggesting it!

On one of the boxes someone also said “Thank you for blessing me.” It was and is a blessing to serve together at this church to the glory of God and benefit of others.

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