Three letters that you may have heard before and wonder what they mean, when Nic has mentioned them in a ministry minute or you have heard kids or parents talking about it. These letters stand for Leadership Training for Christ. According to the North Texas LTC website, the purpose of LTC is to “plan, organize, promote and execute programs that assist young Christians to develop their knowledge of the Bible and biblical principles, enhance their communication and leadership skills, and orient their energies and abilities to areas of Christian service.” Over Easter weekend, 192 churches will bring 4,689 students to participate in conventions at the DFW Hyatt, Downtown Dallas Hyatt, and the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.

Singing Oaks has been participating in LTC at the Hilton Anatole hotel since 2009. This year we have 21 3rd-6th graders and 24 7th-12th graders participating. Several of the 10th graders have competed every year since we began, back when they were in the 3rd grade.

Every year LTC has a theme and a book or books that the kids study. This year the theme is “Refuge” based on Ruth 2:12. The Bible Bowl event is studying Joshua, Judges and Ruth. There is a wide array of events that allow the kids to use their talents.

Here are some reasons why I love LTC:

  1. Seeing 45 kids at the church building on a Sunday afternoon practicing chorus, puppets and drama along with studying the Bible. They are building relationships with God and each other.
  2. A group of 5th and 6th graders working together to learn what “refuge” means and how to combine it with hobbits, Star Wars or superheroes to create a drama script.
  3. An 11th grader discipling a 4th grader to complete Bible Bowl questions and play games.
  4. Seeing families spend time together at the Anatole eating together, playing games in the courtyard and trying to get from one side of the hotel to the other in 5 minutes to support a drama performance after watching another kid perform sign language.
  5. Watching 2 Singing Oaks drama groups over the last 7 years perform in front of 2,500 people before the worship service on Easter Sunday morning at the hotel.
  6. Beaming with pride to watch a kid step out of their comfort zone to read the Bible in front of the congregation, perform a drama or sing in the chorus.
  7. College students who participated in LTC growing up have continued to work with LTC here and in Oklahoma City.

I have many more reasons but I will stop here for now.

Thank you to the parents, church, elders, Nic and Laurie for your support and prayers as we continue to help our kids cultivate their spiritual gifts through LTC. Please feel free to join us on March 26 at the Hilton Anatole to watch our kids. We will post a detailed schedule closer to the 26th.

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