When You Think You Know God

When you think you know God, and there comes a day in your life and you realize that what you thought was not.

In 2014 I realized that I really did not have a relationship with God, as I should have. At 31 years old with very strong roots in what I believed about God, I found out I was wrong. God had plans for me and my family. In March without any hint of what was to come to me, the unthinkable happened. My 9 year old daughter was ill and suffering from a rare disease, rare for our common life; seizures, high blood pressure, ambulance, machines, medicine, loss of consciousness, days in hospital without any accurate diagnosis. I remember one day in the hospital, in that cold room with a large window looking at the sky and said, “I know you want to say something to me, perhaps a lesson. I do not know what it is but I’m sure something you would teach me”

After a week in the hospital and diagnosed in hand, my daughter went back home. Those days were a blessing in so many ways, to become more patient, to give thanks for my friends and family who came from so far away to visit my daughter; and to understand that life is a “today”.

After being at the hospital for a whole week, I started to have problems with my other daughter. The truth is that I could not handle the situation; so I decide to seek help. I made some phone calls and a few questions here and there! And the conclusion was: we need to go to a new church, we started with classes on Wednesdays, “The Story”, which was very interesting. Then I saw in my daughters an immediate change being in contact with other people. We liked a lot! Not long after, we began to attend worship services on Sundays.

Gradually I began to realize many things … I was wrong! I started to have the relationship with God that I always craved for. I was learning every day and I was interested in continue going to this place. I started to have changes in my life, but in the end small changes: to understand better my children, to understand a little more the people around me and the relationship with my husband improved. The truth is, I was so excited about my new life that I began to truly enjoy being with those people who out of the blue were hugging me and giving love; those people without knowing the story of my daughter were praying for her, those people who did not know my past, or my story and they accepted me as I was; and did not understand. The day came when I opened my mind and my heart to fully receive the word of God, so big and so powerful. I understood the calls of God that I had made long ago, and when you think that everything it goes well, zaz ….

A story that greatly changed my life forever, like my daughter from one moment to a second was sick, now my father was seriously ill; to hear in one moment that he was going to have a few years of life left, then a few months, then a few weeks and on the same week suddenly a few days, it was the most terrifying moment of my life, but also I had the a answer I was expecting a year ago, “the lesson”.

God in his infinite wisdom had prepared me long ago to deal with such it situation, the experiences that He gave me, but above all get on the right track to send me to this place where I felt at home, where my mind was opened, but most important, all my heart, the place where I truly got to know God where I understood the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for me, the place where I met my brothers and sisters in Christ, Then I understood…
Now 13 months after the departure of my father, I am quite sure that God works in my life, day by day, your love is infinite, that only his word has made me accept the death of my father as I have accepted that his word comforts me, fills me with peace.

I can now safely say who God is for me, who is God in my life and as I accepted his word, I can say I am having a relationship with him, and I’m quite sure that God hears me, but above all that God loves me.

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