Why Gives Freedom to Change Your What – Be free!

This past week, as I perused the incoming social media, I came across this short clip by Michael Jr. when he spoke at Gateway Church last year. The more I think about that guy singing amazing grace and the two ways he sings the tune, the more my heart knows that Michael’s point about the “Why” is a deep truth. Check out the clip then read on.

Before Jesus called his followers they were busy going about their lives. They were fisherman, tax collectors, zealots etc. They had jobs and they knew their “what.” But when Jesus came and called them he takes their “What” and gives them a new “Why.” They were fishers who would now fish for something else. They were tax collectors who would now call people into a new type of sacrifice. They were workers who would use their relationships and connections not to gain them wealth or provide them with security, but advance the kingdom of God. But it didn’t stop there.

When Jesus called his disciples their “why,” their reason for following him, seems to be that they saw him as the potential savior who was going to physically destroy Rome and any other oppressor and bring in this new Kingdom where they will sit at Jesus right hand. This was a great “Why,” right? They follow Jesus throughout the next few years seeing miracles performed, experiencing God’s power coursing through their veins and watching the King of Kings show the unimaginable love of God. It had to be amazing and awe-inspiring. They knew their “What,” following Christ, this soon to be victor, into battle against the demons, to religious oppressors, and against the many suffrages of their people. They grew in their “what.” They became good at their “what.” But then Jesus died.

It’s apparent from the text that despite all of Jesus’ teaching, all of his life up to this point that the “why” the apostles where living their lives, couldn’t motivate their “what” anymore. They lost their “why.”

Church. Why? Why do we do Bible class, own buildings, teach bible studies, listen to sermons, sing acapella on Sunday mornings? Why do we “go to church,” put together retreats, and attend home groups? Why do we do all the things we do, these “whats?” What is the “why” behind our whats? Is it tradition? Is it fear for our salvation? Is it because of our deep love for each other? Or is it because we feel saved by God, and we feel an urgent need to bring about his Kingdom in Denton?

When Jesus died the disciples felt lost and confused. Then Jesus returned and the Holy Spirit indwelled them. All of a sudden they had a new “why.” No longer where they motivated by the pursuit of a traditional earthly kingdom, they had seen and experienced acceptance into an eternal spiritual kingdom and were on fire to bring everyone into it with them. They then went out and did what they had always done, their “What.” But this new “Why,” was driving them and as history has shown us this new “why,” this amazing grace, changes the manifestation of all of the “whats” they and we do.

When you know why, your what can become amazing.

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