The New Home

My wife and I dreamed a lot when we got married. One of those dreams was to buy a house. For six years we saved some money specifically for this. It took us six years to make that dream began to become a reality. First of all we got the information we needed to start the process and I imagine that we all go through the same path. The day came when we started looking and we did not find anything we liked until one day, yes, one day we found a place that was under construction. We said it will be a new home and we liked the plan, place, and began to see with our own eyes how it was built. The house would be ready the last day of September, so closing day was scheduled for October 15.

Our family was growing, expecting the arrival of a new baby, my parents were coming to visit for a month from South America to meet the new baby and spend time with their grandson (1 year and a half).

Well, the time came and the new house was not ready, we said we have 15 more days in the place that we live. That 15 days passed, my parents came to town and we had to get a place to live while the new house was being finished. My parents arrived and we were hoping that before our baby was born we would be in the New House. Twenty days after the baby was born and the new house was still not finished. My parents and my family went to live in the most welcoming place with the sweetest, hospitable and gracious couple I have ever met. Then, my parents returned home and the house was again still not finished. The baby has been growing and my son has been enjoying the new place where we are. Just before the end of the year we finally got a closing date with the person who was always on our side all along during the whole process whom I call an angel with a lot of respect.

Well the new house was not completely finished and needed a few things fixed. We entered the New Year, this month is almost over, and we still have not spent the first night in our new house.

The truth is that we have a wonderful God who provides us everything necessary that we need in this world to live We have the Holy and only Savior, Jesus Christ who said to his apostles in my Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not, I would have told you; I go to prepare a place for you. It is very easy to forget this when we lose focus because of material things and cares of this life, we get stressed, we get easily frustrated and our lives become insane.

Jesus is preparing a new home for us, the best home where we will be together. In that house I want to go, and I am willing to wait patiently. That’s my dream. My goal is something real. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus and I should not worry about the things of this world. God has something better and in his time for me and for you as well. Do not lose focus and the blessing of being in the new house.

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