Friend Day Is Coming

People choose churches based on different criteria and they enter through different experiences, but the most common entry point is still the worship service. I think that holds true here at our church. And although an invite from a friend may not carry the same weight now as it did 20 years ago, it is still the best way to get someone connected to church. Research specialist George Barna says in his most recent book, Churchless, that “An invitation from a friend is the top-rated way churches can establish connection with the unchurched.”

With this in mind, on August 23 we are planning a special day for members and guests. The preaching, singing, communion and fellowship time together are all being planned with our guests in mind. Therefore we are encouraging all members to INVITE a friend to come on that day. They will be encouraged and blessed by being with us. I am excited, and I hope you are also.

Here are a few suggestions to help make our Friend Day a success.

1. Be there – This is an important day. We need “all hands on deck.” Even if you don’t bring someone we need you to be friends and greeters to the many other guests. Let’s come together and do this! Let’s fill the auditorium for both services. Let’s raise the roof with our singing and praise to God on this day. Mark your calendar now for August 23rd.

2. Start praying for Friend Day and for those you are thinking about inviting. Prayer is powerful. It can move mountains. Let’s be praying together that God will be glorified and that Friend Day will have an everlasting impact on our guests.

3. Invite a friend – There is a growing number of unchurched people these days. And as I mentioned above, the research shows that an invite from a friend is still the best way to connect them with a church. So if the relationship is solid and you feel the time is right, offer the invitation. There is a good chance they will say, yes!

4. Be intentional about starting new relationships. The timing may not be right to invite a new friend on the 23rd, but there is always next year or some other event. So go ahead and start a new relationship: in your neighborhood (I am amazed how many people I meet by just walking), at other social activities, or at your work place. But a note of caution here, as Barna also notes in his book, don’t make someone feel like, “a project.” Be a true friend. Be a listener and love them for who they are.

5. Keep your eyes open to opportunities every day and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Those with whom I have relationship are most likely to accept, but even strangers, if I feel they would be open to an invitation to our worship service or other church activities, I invite them. Most of the time they are open. They may not show up but that’s ok. If my heart was right and they know I care, it could make a difference down the line.

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