You Gotta Really-Really Love Jesus

I’m sure many of you have been captivated by the recount of 3 year-10 month old Colton Burpo’s visit to heaven as told in Scott Burpo’s book “Heaven is For Real.” Scott is a Methodist minister from Imperial, Nebraska. For those who have not seen the movie or read the book, Colton nearly died from a ruptured appendix. After 15 nightmarish days in the hospital Colton’s battle was won.

This is where the story of how Colton’s encounter with Jesus began. During his surgery he had the out of body experience where he was up above the doctors viewing what was going on. During a road trip to visit a new born cousin, Colton’s mom questioned him about this. His answer was, “Yes Mommy, I remember, this is when the angels sang to me.” This statement prompted a stop at an Arby’s parking lot where he was questioned further. What did the angels sing to you? Jesus Loves Me and Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho. “His answers were quick and matter of fact, without a hint of hesitation.” What did the angels look like?” Colton said one looked like Grandpa Dennis, but it wasn’t him because Grandpa Dennis has glasses. Growing serious he told his dad that Jesus had the angels sing to me because I was so scared. They made me feel better. “You mean Jesus was there?” Yeah, Jesus was there. “Where was Jesus?” “I was setting in his lap.” The parents stopped questioning and quietly agreed that they really needed to talk about this.

Scott asked Colton where he was when he saw Jesus. Colton, “at the hospital you know when Dr. O’Holleran was working on me. Scott asked him if he was sure, Colton nodded. “Yeah at the hospital. When I was with Jesus, I could see you. While I was looking down and saw the doctor working on me, you were in a small room praying and mom was in another room talking to family and also praying.

At that time this was all the information they could handle. Their little boy had seen remarkable stuff and had backed it up with credible information, things there was no way he could have known because we had not told him any of what we were doing while he was in surgery. Scott said he kept asking himself “How could he have known? Could this be real?”

They didn’t prompt Scott to give them any more answers about his visit to heaven. Over time and as events transpired, conversations were prompted between parent and son. Many amazing questions were brought to the forefront regarding our wishing for answers about heaven and the here-after. You can read the book, see the movie and make up your own minds. Did God give this young child information to share with us about the perplexing questions we all have about death and Heaven?

Here is a list of items Colton shared on various occasions with his parents about this visit with Jesus:

  1. Jesus used Dr. O’Holleran to help fix me up (save me). God answer’s prayer for healing. Colton’s recovery from the ruptured appendix was considered by Dr. O’Holleran to be a miracle. He told Todd that he had withheld telling him that Colton had little chance of survival. The healing occurred after hundreds of people prayed for Colton’s recovery.
  2. Jesus told Colton he had to leave heaven and go back to his dad because he was answering his dad’s prayers. Jesus told him he needs to be nice to people. There were lots of kids in heaven. Everyone in heaven has wings except Jesus who didn’t need them. People had different colored robes than the angels and Jesus
  3. Still born children have souls and are in heaven with God. Colton was never told about his other sister. He told his baby sitter that he had met his other sister while he was in heaven and she knew him. She was not given a name and was waiting until “mom or dad” came to heaven to name her. Sonja (Colton’s mom) got tremendous relief and joy from this information. She always wondered where her still born child’s eternal resting place would be. Colton told her this sister had the same color hair as her – not blond like Scott and Colton.
  4. No one is old in heaven. Jesus told him that we get a new body. He met his Great-Grandpa “Pop” Barber and had a long conversation with him. He had never seen him. Colton identified his Pop as a young man in a group picture that Scott showed him. His great grandmother always worried whether her husband had made it t to heaven. Colton’s story eased a lot of worries and questions. We will have a reunion with our departed families and friends in heaven
  5. Colton met Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist while he was in heaven
  6. Jesus has a horse. At the age of 6 years Colton told his mom that there are two swords in heaven. They are used to keep Satan out of heaven. Unusual knowledge for a 6 year old. Colton saw Satan. Further questioning didn’t yield much more information because Colton seemed to shy away from the subject of this unpleasant encounter in heaven.
  7. Jesus had “markers” – finally understood to be the nail holes in his hands, feet and the sword mark in his side. “He had to die so we could go see Him, Dad”.
  8. Jesus is the first person you will see when you get there. Angels have halos and the streets of heaven are gold. People in heaven have halos but are different colors from angels. It doesn’t get dark in heaven. There are beautiful trees in heaven and animals of every kind.
  9. Jesus wore a white robe with a purple sash, gold crown and had a beard. A 7 year old Armenian immigrant has also claimed to have gone to heaven and returned. She told her story using her artistic ability by painting pictures of the scenes she saw in heaven. The main one was the picture she had drawn of Jesus showing “His piercing beautiful eyes, His masculine appearance and that He was really strong and big. Scott found this picture on the internet and asked Colton to “come take a look.” Without being told what he was viewing Colton’s first words – “Dad, that one is right”. This answered the question that had been lingering regarding what Jesus looked like.
  10. God’s throne room was described like we read in Revelations. God sets on his throne, Jesus is at his right side and Gabriel sets on is left. The Holy Spirit was there -all about them. Colton asked his dad if he know God was three people. There is a pearly gate. The walls and foundation of the city are full of precious and beautiful gem stones.
  11. There is an upcoming war, Women and children could stand back and watch but the men had to fight against Satan and the monsters (like dragons and stuff) and bad people. Colton said he saw it. He told his dad he would have to fight too, Jesus had said he would. Not only had Colton had a glimpse of the past but now was revealing he’d had a glimpse of the future. Revelations account a similar story. Scott found that all of Colton’s information has scriptural references.
  12. Jesus wins the final battle and throws Satan into hell. – “I saw it”. It had been almost 2 years since Colton said the angels had sang to him in the hospital. Colton is about 6 years old at this time.
  13. There are a lot of good caring people in this world. Todd shares Colton’s visit with Jesus in heaven with his congregation when Colton was 7 years old. This information soon spread worldwide after CNN heard details.
  14. Colton at the age of 14 stands by his story. There was another heavenly visits claimed by a young man that was later recanted. This account is seen when you Google “Heaven Is For Real” hoax. Colton has not recanted his story but claims it all happened.
  15. He had learned from his visit that in order to get into heaven you have to have Jesus in your heart: you must “really – really love Jesus.” This was repeated often by Colton. Perhaps Jesus had placed Colton’s story with us today to increase our faith and understand that we do “really-really” need to love him.

Reference: “Heaven is For Real”, Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. Please read and make up your own minds.

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