At the Tulsa workshop I heard Brandon Hatmaker tell a wonderful story about his adopted son from Ethiopia. He was a young gifted soccer player but had very little formal training. After scoring several goals in his first game, he was soon put in a Select League with older kids. He held his own but being younger struggled to get enough power in his kicks. Brandon asked the coach to show him a better technique, but to Brandon’s surprise the coach refused. What he did agree to do, however, was design a series of drills to help the son discover a better way on his own. The lights came on! He started kicking with more power. The personal experience paid off.

His point – experience impacts us more and changes us in ways that could not otherwise happen. Thus the importance of living out our faith and serving in the kingdom. It is a part of our spiritual formation into the likeness of Christ.

A few weeks ago during our Saturday service day a good number of people served in different capacities around our building. This experience together impacted me and hopefully the others who worked that day.

By 7am the Traffic911 garage sale was in full swing. Lizzie Ross and her group of volunteers were busy sorting, organizing, and making sales for the benefit of victims rescued from sex trafficking. Many people donated items for sale, and the team worked together in unity to make it all happen. Raising over $2000 for the cause, they made an impact on each other, those buying items at the sale, and those rescued from trafficking.

Claud and Shirley Singer headed up a team to beautify the gazebo area. They recruited some willing volunteers from those waiting to eat a meal at our church, some who even thanked us for allowing them to help. They raked and bagged leaves, trimmed trees, and helped pull up shrubs. One lady encouraged all of us saying, “I don’t know what we would do without this church.” Another volunteer waiting for the Saturday meal gave us some advice that made it much easier to pull up some of the stubborn shrubs. Another man helped with a small plumbing job we encountered while doing our work that day. We learned from each other. Friendships were made. Relationships were deepened.

David Peters headed another group working on the 66 acres. They cleared brush and removed a fence. It was a tough and tiring job, but they endured and did an incredible amount of work.

In the final hour a family from a nearby neighborhood walked up needing some community service hours for one of their kids. They even came back on Monday to help for several hours with another project where we were able to get to know them better. I hope it was a meaningful experience for them.

We have many servants in our church family who have lots of experience. I believe it has shaped who we are.

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