Looking Forward, Looking Back

This is my final blog for the year 2014. As I look back on this year, I see that the Holy Spirit has been moving in powerful ways among his people. Approximately one third of our land debt has been retired thanks to our right-of-way agreement with the city of Denton. Our Hispanic ministry has taken off, and we have a thriving Spanish-language service at our church, with a large group of Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. That is the cause for celebration!

As I look back, I see that in 2014 we covered the entire sweep of the Biblical narrative in sermon, in class, and small groups, as we went through the series, “The Story.” And that is no small thing.

As I look forward, I believe that we are only at the beginning of the story that God is writing here at Singing Oaks. I have a great sense of anticipation. In 2014, we surveyed the congregation to see where we all are. It was an exercise in collective discernment as to what the Holy Spirit is doing here at Singing Oaks. Elders and ministers met, discussed and prayed over the findings of that survey. We are moving forward with these things in mind. We hope to improve our Bible classes, grow in our connections with one another, and improve our mentoring of and involving new members.

Next year we look forward to the beginning of a partnership with Arms of Hope as that ministry begins in Denton. And we know that further exciting developments await us in the development of our 66 acres of land.

When Jesus came, his mission was nothing less than to change the world forever. He had a laser focus on one thing…the Kingdom of God. He came proclaiming it; He died for it; His church preached it. And we must too. Jesus came to bring revolution. And that will be our theme for 2015, “Revolution.” Let’s be part of one, shall we?

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