One For All

One of the things I like to do is travel. When I was very young I loved to go on trips with my father to other cities to visit friends, families, and churches and experience different customs. I never imagined that one day I would be traveling far from home to speak the word of God. I never thought I could do it, or if I was worthy, or holy enough. I am the son of a preacher and this was not the life I had planned for me. But our plans are very different from the plans and purposes of God.

From the time I was around 16 years old I began teaching in small groups. This was the beginning of seeing how God was using me but still I did not want that kind of life. I am discovering that God often takes us where we do not want to go. When we give control to God not only do we go to new places but He also empowers us to do new things we could not imagine.

While studying the book of Acts I realize that God is reaching out to all people. Sometimes we think that His love and His word are just for us. This was also the belief of the Jewish Christians. When I came to Singing Oaks two years ago everything was done in English. But because there is so much love from God in my brothers and sisters, we now do things in English and Spanish. I could not imagine there would be a church that would open their doors to the Hispanic community the way this church does. We live in a world full of division; where the weak are put down, the poor are ridiculed, where racism is a fact of life for some people, where we do not accept people who speak another language or even have strange customs.

Throughout the history of the church we see the same issues arise. It is with the power of the Holy Spirit that believers are equipped to be alert to combat divisions to complete the mission of God. It was Jesus’ command to preach the gospel to every person; he was the one who died for all. In Acts 8 God chose an Ethiopian to show that the Good News of Jesus is for everyone. Even though this man was an outsider in some circles, God made him an insider through Jesus Christ. Today, as in those times people are hungry and thirsty for “the righteousness of God”, that leads to their salvation. They don’t know to call it this, but they know that something is missing inside.

James 2.1: My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism.

At Singing Oaks we are trying to live out these words of God in our everyday lives. It is a great blessing to proclaim the gospel without prejudice toward any people. The Spirit of God is moving in the church and is making a big impact on our community. I pray that this will remain so because the gospel is not just for Jews or Greeks or those who speak English or Spanish, it is for everyone.

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