How To Start a Riot

I enjoyed going through The Story together as a church. It was neat to all be studying the same thing and to be reminded of the broad, overarching upper story of God’s work in the world.

After The Story it seems best to explore something that gives us a picture of what life looks like if you truly find your place in The Story.

Enter Acts.

When someone truly finds their role in God’s Story they live lives like those found in Acts.

Churches of Christ know Acts. We know Paul’s missionary journeys. We know Acts 2:38. We know Acts. But have we truly embraced the revolutionary picture of the church that it gives us?

Christian author N.T. Wright has said that “Everywhere the early Christians went they started a riot. Everywhere I go they serve tea.” (He’s British, for us it would be coffee.) Has the church become too tame? Domesticated? Fearful to address the real issues of our day? Pass the tea.

My friend and preacher at the Highland Church of Christ, Jonathan Storment, has a book about Acts called “How to Start a Riot” – isn’t that a great title?! Christians have always been stirring up trouble, or at least those brave enough to accept their role in God’s story.

The first Christians in Acts ushering in a new age. New King. New Kingdom. New rules. No longer the Pax Romana but rather the Peace of Christ. The Spirit of God was their riot gear.

The abolitionists in the 1800’s fighting against slavery. Those marching in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, and those standing up against apartheid in South Africa. Broken chapters of the story of our world. Stories of pain, fear, and death. Unfortunately, these are not isolated stories of a bygone era. These stories are alive and well. Still being told. Still being written.

Ferguson. Isis. Ebola. We need some good news.

So put down the tea, strap on your riot gear, and support your local Jesus Revolution. It’s what you signed up for.

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