What a wonderful pair of Bible characters in The Story this week, great heroes that all generations can read and learn about. There’s Esther’s faith recorded in these words, “I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.” And there’s Mordecai’s courage to reveal the plot against the king, his faith in God to deliver the Jews and his position of high esteem, “because he worked for the good of his people and spoke up for the welfare for all the Jews.”

Both took a risk, Mordecai for exposing a conspiracy plot on the king’s life and Esther in coming before the king uninvited. They put their lives in danger, especially Esther, knowing the king could easily take her life. But by prayer, fasting and faith she did the right thing.

For some of us, fear, safety and comfort overrides risk of doing the right thing, the good thing, and the great thing both in the secular and spiritual realms. Sometimes we might take risks when we are young and don’t know better (been there), but then we get older and wiser!!! We become more cautious and more concerned about our safety and security in this world. However, the kingdom of God is often upside down. The right thing or the kingdom thing, big or small, requires a different kind of thinking and living. It requires us to take risks, risks that may be even greater as we grow in our faith.

Christ risked everything for us, and we are his disciples. Risk is part of who we are. Young or old, what are you risking for Christ and his mission in this world? Money, pride, shame, persecution, health, even life itself?? Sometimes the opportunities or situations that carry risk are forced on us, as in the case of Esther, and other times they are just offered to us. Whichever the case I need to remember that God is in Control. He wants the best for me and wants me to do the right thing.

It is often said the greater the risk the greater the reward. This certainly came true in both Esther and Mordecai’s case. For me also, the times I have risked much I have been blessed much. And of course the greatest reward, our reward in heaven, is beyond imagination and worthy of any risk we are called to take in this world.

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